Fogos PRO リリース情報

Press Release : June / 7 / 2016

Public Company Intelligent Software & Strong.Codes Entering a Business Partnership to Support the Distribution of Application Protection Software.

The publicly-traded Japanese company Intelligent Software, with headquarters in Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, headed by Akihiro Hasegawa, has entered in a strategic partnership with the Swiss company to provide protection against reverse-engineering, application protection and tamper-proofing.

On the basis of this partnership, the application protection software will be distributed under the brand name Fogos Pro StrongProtect.

The CEO of Intelligent Software, Akihiro Hasegawa, had the following comments :

“In current products related to information security, the protection of content data is a widely addressed need. Yet in recent years, the importance for also protecting executables (application binaries) has gained a lot of traction. For example, intellectual property such as algorithms in applications are increasingly analyzed and leaked, their operations and behavior are analyzed, and tampered applications whose behavior has been altered are used to fraudulently access servers. As such, there are increasing numbers of threats to address. For these matters, the protection of applications through hardening has become its own discipline in the field of information security.

Information can be protected using encryption. Yet even if the application content has been fully encrypted, because during execution internal code is decrypted, i.e. in a state that can be easily analyzed, there is a need for another technology beside encryption to protect applications.

By entering a business partnership with the Swiss company, our company will successfully provide a technology that will resolve these issues.

Our main product will not be limited to the domain of mobile applications. It will also become an essential technology in the domains of finance, medicine, automotive, embedded systems, and energy applications.”

The CEO and head for business and strategy at,
Dr. Laurent Balmelli, had the following comment :

“The partnership with Intelligent Software enables us to access a new and diverse set of clients and foster the quality of our product lines. Indeed, fulfilling stringent quality requirements typically associated with entering the Japanese market will be a boon for our entire international customer base. In addition, our Japanese office will offer multi-language support for the entire Asia-Pacific region during local office hours to our clients in the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

About Intelligent Software :

In order to address the increasing demand for information security, the owner of the IT asset-management company System Intelligent, Hasegawa Akihiro, created in March 2007 the company Intelligent Software to provide specialized solutions in information security. Building on the experience in developing IT asset management software, he delivered the application Fogos Pro in August 2007 as an innovative application for information security.

About :

The Swiss company has been founded in 2016 in Yverdon with the aim to provide easy to adopt, industrial-strength software protection. It is a spin-off of the engineering school HEIG-VD in Yverdon and has been the recipient of several start-up awards in Switzerland. The company is selling his flagship product, strong.protect world-wide, including to Fortune 500 companies.

For any question about this press release, please call the marketing department of the company Intelligent Software.